Our Fees

Please see below a list of our fees.

Please contact us should you have a query regarding a service not listed here.

GP Consultations

GP consultation €70
GP follow up (same issue within 2 weeks)
GP consultation and blood test €100

GP telephone consultation €70
WellMan check €200
WellWoman check €200
Driving licence medical €60

Antenatal (as per Mother and Infant Care scheme schedule) Free of charge
2 week Baby check Free of charge
6 week Mother and Baby check Free of charge

Enduring Power of Attorney €70
STI screening €125
Travel vaccine consultation €80
Chronic Disease Management (for those who qualify under HSE scheme) Free of charge

General care

ECG €50
24 hour Blood Pressure Monitor €100
Dressing €30

Ear syringing €40
Cryotherapy (initial) €70
Cryotherapy (subsequent) €50
Suture removal €30

Women’s Health

CervicalCheck Programme smear Free of charge
Private smear €160
Ring pessary change €70

Pre-IUD (coil) consult €70
Mirena/ Kyleena/ Jaydess/ Copper coil insertion (includes six week review appt) €180
Mirena/ Kyleena/ Jaydess/ Copper coil removal  €80
Coil insertion and removal same day (includes 6 week review appt) €250

Pre-implanon consult €70
Implanon insertion  €120
Implanon removal €120
Implanon insertion and removal same day €200

Contraception consult €70
Contraception consult (aged 17-26) Free of charge

Menopause initial consultation €150
Menopause review consultation €85
Repeat HRT prescriptions €50
Depo provera injection €25
Fertility consultation €150


Childhood immunisations Free of charge
Other immunisations On request

Chicken pox 1st dose €85
Chicken pox 2nd dose €85
Pneumococcal €30
Hepatitis A €55
Hepatitis B €50

Typhoid €50
Tetanus €50
Pertussis (16-36 weeks gestation) Free of charge
Shingles 1st dose €45
Shingles 2nd dose €45


Injections e.g. B12, Prolia etc €25
Other injections On request


Repeat prescriptions €20
Sick notes (where not reviewed in consultation) €20
Forms (not requiring consultation review) €20
Passport forms €35